The Lodge

The Bulkley River Lodge is located on a remote section of one of the best Steelhead rivers on the planet. River-front access and no neighbors are great assets for a fishing lodge.


The Season

Primetime for Steelhead is late August to the middle of November


The River

The Bulkley River has one of the largest, if not the largest wild Steelhead runs in the world. The river is blessed with over ninety miles of classic fly water.


The Fish

Steelhead from 5 to 30 pounds... These wild fish are well known for attacking surface presentations throughout the season.

Our Team

Meet the Team!

Ida Hamhuis

Hi! My name is Ida Hamhuis, this is my third season at Bulkley River Lodge helping Bunky out in the kitchen.
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Emilie Schmidt

Hola! I was raised in Smithers and had the privilege to grow up fishing out my back door on the beautiful Bulkley River.
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Chloë Curtis

Hiya! Since the last time at the lodge I've completed my BSc, traveled around to some new places, and had a bunch of fun in the outdoors.
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Natasha Erbel

Hello everyone! I am so stoked to be returning to the BRL again this coming season!
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Dave Hughes, AKA Bunky

I started cooking in Whistler at Araxi's restaurant in 1986. I did this so I could work in the evening and Ski during the day. Also to get a couple of free meals. By the end of that winter I had established myself as a solid line cook. The following winter I moved quickly through the ranks and started to fall in love with the chef lifestyle. Between 1987 and 2000 I worked at Araxi's, the Val D'isere and the Brewhouse. It was at the Val D'isere that I started my apprenticeship. I learned the French techniques for sauce making, and how to cook meat and fish properly. It was around this time that I discovered another passion... Fly fishing! I quickly got into guiding, and I never looked back.
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Our Guides

Dave Whitey Evans

Since I hate the office, you will find me most days on the river trying to figure out those steelheads. In summers I am off leading multi-day rafting trips in some of the wildest parts of the Yukon. Tagging sharks worldwide completes the remaining space in the year.
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Melissa Moure

I was fortunate to grow up with a cabin on the Sunshine Coast where the ocean, fishing, and the outdoors deeply resonated with me from a very young age. It influenced my entire future.
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Pat Beahen

Pat arrived to guide at Bulkley River Lodge in 2008, and has been the lead guide at whistler flyfishing since 2000. Pat is a very well rounded fisherman .
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Tommy Thomson

Hi my name is Tommy Thomson. I grew up in the mountain ski town of Whistler, British Columbia. I have always found myself in the outdoors from skiing to snowboarding, surfing to mountain biking one thing was clear - I was a fishing nut!
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Kevin Kish

By far the best looking and most engaging of the guides to work on the Bulkley,
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