The River

The Bulkley River has one of the largest, if not the largest wild Steelhead runs in the world. The river is blessed with over ninety miles of classic fly water.


The Fish

Steelhead from 5 to 30 pounds... These wild fish are well known for attacking surface presentations throughout the season.


The Season

Primetime for Steelhead is late August to the middle of November


The Lodge

The Bulkley River Lodge is on a remote section of one of the best Steelhead rivers on the planet located within the traditional Wet'suwet'en Territory. River-front access and no neighbors are great assets for a fishing lodge.

Kevin Kish

By far the best looking and most engaging of the guides to work on the Bulkley, Kevin has honed his skills guiding for almost anything that swims. "If he can spot it, you might catch it", is his catchphrase. 
Fashion, and it's relation to catching large Steelhead's, is Kevin's main focus for the upcoming fall season. "It's important to look good, while casting beautifully", is also something you hear from the 'guru' regularly. 
This intersection of fashion with the 'grip and grin hero shot' is all anyone wants from a fishing trip. If you're looking for that ego massage huge shiny fish picture come fish with me, in the end it's all that really matters.