The Lodge

The Bulkley River Lodge is on a remote section of one of the best Steelhead rivers on the planet located within the traditional Wet'suwet'en Territory. River-front access and no neighbors are great assets for a fishing lodge.


The Fish

Steelhead from 5 to 30 pounds... These wild fish are well known for attacking surface presentations throughout the season.


The Season

Primetime for Steelhead is late August to the middle of November


The River

The Bulkley River has one of the largest, if not the largest wild Steelhead runs in the world. The river is blessed with over ninety miles of classic fly water.

David Hughes

Well it's that time of year again...
2019 will be my 20th season at BRL - 26th season overall on the Bulkley. Besides the aches and pains, working anywhere for 20 years is proof you're getting old. Also proof you found a place and people you can call family and home.
Even though for the last 10 years I've been primarily the chef,  I have received a hall pass for good behavior from the people upstairs that enables me to guide from time to time. This year is no different, I'm hoping to steal a few more cameo appearances from Whitey, providing I'm well behaved.
People ask me which I prefer guiding or being the chef? That's a tough question to answer. Both are similar in a lot of ways, both need imagination, creativity, patience confidence, knowledge and skill. Most importantly, both are a craft that you never stop learning.  So the answer is I love them equally. Having said that I am happy to have the opportunity to do both.
Cheers to all of you!